Our identity

惠灵顿维多利亚大学的视觉形象体现了体育压球平台的价值观, our place in New Zealand, our bicultural heritage, and our history.

体育压球平台的身份恰好概括了体育压球平台是什么:一所具有全球意识的大学,重视与社会的密切联系, cultural, and economic life of its city and region or, put simply, a global–civic university with our marae at our heart.


与众不同的身份对建立国际声誉至关重要,而身份的基石是地位——对体育压球平台来说, the city of Wellington in Aotearoa New Zealand. For this reason, 并反映体育压球平台大学和首都之间持久的伙伴关系, our brand emphasises and celebrates the word Wellington. It also prominently features our new Māori name of Te Herenga Waka.

Our shield and crest also reflect our identity. 这些元素象征着大学社区的集体目标, place us in the harbour city of Wellington, and highlight our long legacy dating back more than 120 years.

Te Herenga Waka

Our Māori name is Te Herenga Waka. 这也是体育压球平台的会堂的名字,意思是独木舟停泊的地方.

With its fully carved and beautifully decorated wharenui, or meeting house, the first to be established in a New Zealand university, 三十多年来,Te Herenga Waka一直是大学社区的核心.

We are proud of how our marae represents the iho, or essence, of our Māori identity at the University. The centrality of Te Herenga Waka as a place of teaching, learning, and connection makes the University unique. As well as providing a link to our ancestors, it ties us to all the iwi of Aotearoa and across the Pacific. Like the University, 在这里,来自全国各地和其他地方的人们可以“搭上他们的独木舟”,找到栖身之所. When people are ready to leave the University, they can unhitch their canoe and sail off to new horizons, while still maintaining a deep connection to Te Herenga Waka.

Understanding our new logo

体育压球平台的视觉特征在120年的历史中不断演变, 正如你将在下面幻灯片结尾的视频中看到的. 体育压球平台名字的不同元素已经在体育压球平台的标志和品牌中突出,以响应体育压球平台在惠灵顿市不断变化的足迹和角色. In the slide presentation, you can explore the elements of our visual identity, which celebrates Wellington, our connections to the city, and our bicultural heritage.

Strategic plan


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Our partnerships with Wellington

该大学在惠灵顿的伙伴关系有助于推动经济增长, health, and wellbeing, and make the city a better place to live.

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Brand refresh

尽管该大学在2019/2020年更新了品牌,以强调体育压球平台的首都位置, “维多利亚”一词继续在大学的生活中扮演积极的角色.

大学保留“维多利亚”一词的方式有很多. This includes:

  • The University’s legal name i.e. Victoria University of Wellington
  • The presence of the University’s legal name in the new logo
  • The use of the University’s legal name in academic publications e.g. research papers
  • Colloquial names for the University e.g. ‘Vic’
  • The names of student groups, clubs or societies e.g. VUWSA (unless any wish to change their name)
  • 具有特殊历史价值的房间和建筑物的名称.g. the Victoria Room and the Hunter Building
  • The name of the alumni publication Victorious
  • The names of groups such as the Hunter Club, the Victoria Legacy Club and the Victoria Benefactors Circle
  • 惠灵顿维多利亚大学研究信托基金的名称
  • 目前Māori的学院名称和特阿罗和Pipitea校区