Steps to apply

Follow our steps to apply and get prepared before you start university.

International and doctoral students

International students have a different application process.

Domestic and international students apply for PhD and professional doctorates through the Wellington Faculty of Graduate Research.

Step 1: Choose a programme

Explore our programmes, subjects, and courses and see our application deadlines.

Check you meet the entry requirements and prerequisites of your chosen programme.

Step 2: Check your admission type

You need to meet one of the admission types to gain entry to Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington. This is required when you complete the application form.

School leavers—waiting on your results

You can apply before you have your NCEA results. You will receive a Conditional Offer of Study and then a confirmation of study once your NCEA results show that you have achieved University Entrance.

Preparing for degree-level study

If you don’t meet the admissions requirements, consider our pre-degree courses and programmes—these may provide bridging options for you to gain University Entrance.

Step 3: Plan your courses

Select the courses you need to take for your programme.

For undergraduate students, follow our tips for planning your first year, making a timetable, and balancing your workload.

Get course advice if you need help.

Step 4: Apply for scholarships

Search our database—scholarships are available at all levels of study and based on a variety of criteria.

Step 5: Find accommodation

Apply for our halls of residence or find rental accommodation.

Step 6: Apply to study

Apply online by the application deadline using an up-to-date email address and include a photo for your student ID card.

You need to know the programme you’ll study, majors, and/or minors, plus the core courses and any elective courses needed.

Once you have submitted your application, you’ll get an email confirming we’ve received your application.

Step 7: Accept your Offer of Study

You should receive an Offer of Study within about 4 weeks of applying.

To confirm your enrolment you need to accept your Offer of Study, send your documentation, and get your student ID.

If you want to make changes to your programme, you can send back your accepted Offer of Study 'with changes'. This may affect your fees.

Once you’ve accepted and sent your documentation, you’ll receive a Confirmation of Study with your confirmed programme.

Step 8: Sort your finances

Calculate your course fees for the year, and check if you are eligible for fees-free study, a student loan and/or allowance.

Think about a budget—we have some helpful tips for managing your money.

Step 9: Don’t miss orientation

Check out what’s on during Orientation Week at the start of the trimester.